Where to find me

So as it turns out it looks as though I'll be posting here whenever I get the chance (currently doing the 'game of the month' series), but here's a few places I can be found:

Follow my blog with Bloglovin - One of, if not the biggest platforms on which to discover, read, and stay up to date with blogs, Bloglovin' is the place to go to find your new favourite blog (like this one...)

Follow me on Google+ - This is naturally linked to my blog anyway, however, this will take you to my Google+ page so you can see what's happening with the blog.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel - This is one for those who want to see a whole load of goofing off with the odd decent gameplay chucked in. I'm not a constant uploader but hopefully there's something there you'll enjoy there. 

Follow me on Twitter - Just me shamefully advertising the blog or spewing nonsense or retweeting things that make me laugh... 

I'm also on Instagram and Pinterest, though these are admittedly just excuses to post pictures of my favourite stuff, so enjoy, I guess.

You can also view a portfolio of my past work for Non-Fiction Gaming here.   

Don't forget to subscribe to the blog for email notifications when new posts go up... cheers!!


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