February game of the month

February's game of the month is without a doubt, the fantastic Resident Evil 7. The game, which came out towards the back end of January, has arguably re-captured the magic of true survival horror, which made the original games such a hit with fans. 

The game has not only changed its direction from action back to survival horror, but also now makes use of a first-person view, which only adds to the tension in some situations. This, combined with a surprisingly engaging story, results in one the best Resident Evil games in the series to date, and it didn't need to add online multiplayer.

Without spoiling too much of the story the player controls Ethan Winters, who after finding evidence that his wife is alive after being missing for three years, sets off to Dulvey, Louisiana. It is here that the game is set, with the player exploring the decrepit Baker mansion in search of Mia. In short, the boss battles, with the exception of the final encounter, are tense, frantic, and genuinely scary, the gameplay is solid, and the story is also really good. 

In addition, Resident Evil 7 will be receiving free DLC slated for a spring release, and already has multiple add-ons available.

In recent news the producer of the game, Masachika Kawata, has stated that a new Dino Crisis game would be "really exciting." However, players will have to wait and see if they will fighting the terrifying t-rex in a more immersive first-person setting.

Scary enough already...

What did you think to Resident Evil 7? Do you like the new direction or prefer the classic games? Let me know!


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