Dark Souls 2 announced at this year's Video Game Awards


From Software is set to once again make gamers despair as they try to cling to their humanity in Dark Souls 2.

A new story, new characters and new plot are all guaranteed in the dangerous, traitorous world of Dark Souls 2. 
However Souls fans Hidetaka Miyazaki will "no longer be leading the game's development", and instead it will be taken over by Tomohiro Shibuya. For hardcore fans this isn't great news as the former director created a deep, puzzle-like world in which gamers had to think and interpret for themselves whilst obviously dying one way or another. This doesn't mean DS2 won't have that, but in a recent interview Shibuya said that Dark Souls 2 "will be more straightforward and more understandable", and this can be viewed in a variety of ways, though I hope it's new direction doesn't result in a loss of it's current identity.  

The trailer though does suggest that fans of the previous titles are sure to get their fill of demons and dragons lurking in unforgiving environments, plus the hundreds of deaths that I know we're all looking forward to. 

The game is currently in production but there have been sneak peaks into some character designs and artwork, plus there are also rumors of a new multiplayer system.

Dark Souls 2 will be published by Namco Bandai (They also published Demon's Souls and Dark Souls) and will possibly be a next gen title. It will also possibly be released on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. (There has been no word of a DS2 Wii U release.)

Lets all Prepare To Die..... again. 


  1. Can't wait for Dark souls 2, it has to be said. But I'm worried the new developer will ruin the game...by making it more 'accessible' it sounds like the games difficulty will be decreased. Which was one of the main things that made dark souls such a good game. Even different difficultly levels would not solve this, the entire point is everyone is in it together, you really feel everyone else has it just as bad (especially with the bloodstains). Hopefully this won't happen however!

    1. Me too :D

      I share the concerns, but I'm giving them (The Dark Souls team) the benefit of the doubt.

      Hopefully it will be just as good if not better than the others, but we just need to wait and see what happens - I'll be looking out for new trailers/gameplay etc.

      - James


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