Dark Souls 3 Screenshots and Details Leaked

Earlier this week there were screenshots leaked of what looks like the upcoming From Software game Dark Souls 3.

Credit: The Know
The images look legit but that's not all, there has also been rumored gamplay features leaked as well detailing new fighting mechanics for the Souls game. 

Any fan of the series will be rejoicing at the prospect of yet more Dark Souls, however I would say that we have to wait until E3 before any hype can really start. It would be an excellent addition to this years show, as I'm personally only looking forward to seeing a handful of games, most of which I already know about, however with Sony's conference seeming to lack substance Dark Souls 3 could be their ace in the hole.

Dark Souls 3 Details:

  • Dark Souls 3 will launch for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 'early' 2016. 
  • A PC version is "negotiable."
  • The game can be played with 1-4 players (co-op and PVP).
  • 60 minutes of in-engine cut-scenes.
  • 10 available character classes to choose from.
  • New weapons and armour.
  • 15 new bosses, recurring monsters and characters (assuming the game carries on from Dark Souls 2).
  • 12 new areas.
  • A system called "Sacrifice Ceremonies" allowing you to drag around the corpses of fallen characters, perform a ritual, and use that to break into their game and become a target for hunting.
  • Sacrificing these bodies can also intensify "fire pits."
  • Bosses have a new "Heat up" method which will change their fighting style in surprising ways.
  • Dark Souls 3 will feature a new system called "Sword Fighting Arts." Several attacks that fall under this category are "Rush in," a sacrifice attack which causes the player damage but also deals massive damage, and another called "Circle."

Here's some more screenshots:

What do you think about the rumours? And what are you looking forward to seeing at E3? Comment below!

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