Metro: Last Light Review

Enter the Metro..

World war three occurred in late 2013, and those lucky enough were evacuated into the safe underground tunnels of Moscow, Russia, later to be known as the Metro.

Metro: Last Light is based on the world of the best selling novel Metro 2033 by author Dmitry Glukovsky. 4A Games do a terrific job of bringing Glukovsky's story to life creating a bleak yet atmospheric world in which the player faces constant danger from vicious mutants and even from their fellow Metro inhabitants.

(Minor Spoilers)

The game starts after the events of Metro 2033 where the player (Artyom) is still coming to terms with destroying the 'Dark Ones', a species that descended from humans who have telepathic abilities and are the 'Order's' (A faction dedicated to protecting the Metro) greatest threat, or so it was thought.. 

Artyom has a journey self discovery throughout the game making friends and enemies with some interesting characters including Pavel, a member of the 'Red Line' and your partner early on. You also run into 'The Reich', a Nazi organisation, and the last remaining Dark One, a small child looking for his family; that you most likely killed during the missile launch in the previous game.

(End of spoilers)

One thing that is stressed throughout Metro: Last Light is the feeling of hopelessness and abandonment, and this is shown through the games' dark tone and by the numerous character interactions. You truly are no longer top of the food chain.

The facts:

  • Published by Deep Silver who took over after THQ went into administration.
  • Direct sequel to PC and Xbox 360 game Metro 2033.
  • Linear first person shooter (FPS) with great exploration sections of the wasteland that is Moscow.
  • Realistic post-apocalyptic gameplay (You have to scavenge for air filters whilst on the Earth's surface).
  • Deep, engrossing story.
  • Survival horror elements that provide some psychological scares.
  • Includes a hidden karma system.
  • Great graphics.
  • Cool enemy A.I (A scout monster will alert a nearby pack of 'Watchmen' to come and hunt you down).
  • Comes off as a little immature at times, with odd lap-dance scenes.
I would recommend the game to fans of Bioshock and Fallout as it resembles these games in gameplay and setting, whilst being completely original. 

Mitchell from GameFront does a fantastic walkthrough of the game, to see click here:

Metro Last Light Walkthrough - Part 1 - GameFront Mitchell


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