Where did Crash go? (Retro Reboots)

Crash Bandicoot

The game series originally created by Naughty Dog (developers of Uncharted) has since changed hands to Activision but has also seemingly disappeared. 

This is a shame as, though I usually play games like Call of Duty, I will always have a special love for the Crash Bandicoot games. This is also true for thousands of fans across the world who would love to see Crash spinning back onto a console soon.

The cheesy comedic lines usually generated by the games main antagonist Doctor Neo Cortex together with the fun boss battles and awesome level designs made for one epic adventure, which I am very surprised hasn't been expanded on since Crash: Mind over Mutant.

In my opinion the Naughty Dog Crash is still the best. The original series was incredibly fun to play and still is thanks to PSN and PS Vita etc. but I think that a reboot of the original may be required for the series to grow onto the new consoles.

CTR (Crash Team Racing - PS1)
A new Crash whether its a racing or an action game would be highly appreciated and I would most likely buy it. In fact there has actually been two titles in the making for the PS3; Crash Landed and Crash Team Racing 2010 but they unfortunately got cancelled.

Crash Bandicoot was my first ever taste into the world of video gaming (like many other people), and what a wonderful taste that was. When I was younger I had appendicitis and as a special treat I was presented with my very own PlayStation and my first game CTR which I still have and cherish. After my operation I remember playing the game hours on end with my mum, and by the time I had fully recovered we were both pros.

A PlayStation 4 version of CTR with free roam adventure elements (like Crash Tag Team Racing) would be awesome, fingers crossed.


  1. The series got good up until Twinsanity (which is amazing). But after that it became awful


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