A Look At: Crysis 3

I've just finished playing the third instalment in the Crysis saga and well, its a visual masterpiece.

My only criticism is that I would have liked the game to be a bit longer, but I say that about most games. This is partially fixed though by the fact that it has online multiplayer, which itself is a really cool feature improving on Crysis 2's multiplayer with the addition of more weapons and a range of (improved - in my opinion) maps which you can run, cloak, shoot, stomp and hunt your way through.

The graphics in Crysis 3 are by far the best I've ever seen in a platform game to date. For example the trees actually sway in the wind - which is being generated by an incoming enemy ship that is dropping off a squad of troops to track down the games' playable main character; Prophet.

The conditions and the environment in Crysis 3 make the new weapon, the compound bow a lethal, stealthy and very satisfying way to take out enemies from a distance.

(Spoiler Alert)

In a way the game has returned to its grass roots - literally. New York has been transformed into a giant jungle by the evil mega corporation CELL, which after running out of 'nanosuit' agents to 'skin' to further their own technological goals, request the transportation of Laurence Barnes, aka Prophet. 

He is rescued by his partner and friend Michael 'Psycho' Sykes (Played by actor David Kennedy) who shows Prophet what CELL has done during his 20 year absence. Their relationship throughout the game is a mixture of comedy and deep, emotionally fuelled arguments.

These arguments stem from the difference of the two characters main priorities; Prophets' being the destruction of the Alien Ceph leader - the Alpha Ceph, and Psycho's being bringing the CELL corporation down. 

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