Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Revolution - Hot or Not?

The first map pack to hit Black Ops 2 is packed with explosions, gun-shots and zombies! - you know, all that good stuff. 

'Revolution' which came out last week on the PS3 is part of a season pass bundle in which 3 more map packs will be released, and it gives them a hard act to follow. 

The new downloadable content includes 4 multiplayer maps, a new zombies map and game mode, and for the first time a new weapon; the Peacekeeper sub-machine gun.

Experiencing this on the PlayStation 3, this is one of the best Call of Duty map packs I've played so far. From the chaotic, long-range gun fights on Mirage to the frantic rush you feel when playing on Grind this new Black Ops 2 DLC gives the first-person shooter the variety it needed in order to stay fresh.

There are sadly some negatives with the new content. Most people will see the £11.99 (or $14.99 for my American friends) and run for the hills, making the £41.99 (or again $49.99) season pass the better alternative. There is also the issue with Xbox, which I dislike, as they get every map pack one month before PlayStation, quite annoying but we have to persevere.

(Picture: Peacekeeper SMG) 
The developers at Treyarch wanted to create a gun that had the fire rate of an SMG and the range of an assault rifle and their solution was the Peacekeeper.


Mirage is situated in a luxury resort in China's Gobi Desert. After playing on this map two game modes stuck out above the others. Domination (where two teams fight to control points on the map) is fun to play on Mirage as all the flags are out in the open making sniping enjoyable and the 'swarm' score-streak especially effective, believe me, I know. Search and destroy adds a different element, as players slither round the desert ruins to gain the upper-hand.

Hydro, a futuristic dam in the midst of Pakistan is good all round as all play styles can be used. It has sniper spots, buildings and a huge underground water-way which floods, wiping out everything in its path, making search and destroy very interesting as one of the bomb locations is situated nicely in the water.

Located in Venice, California, this skatepark has fast paced combat and there is virtually no cover. Kills come in thick and fast in Grind, however spawns are easily predicted and this is both a positive and negative feature.

Beware the killer cable cars! The first of the snow covered multiplayer environments in Black Ops 2, this snowy map in the French Alps is perfect for snipers and highlights the importance of long-range combat, as the name of the map (Downhill) suggests. Though there are spots in which sub-machine gun/assault rifle users can get to without being pinned down, making the map not as frustrating as it could be.

Die Rise

After facing endless hordes of zombies on Die Rise one thing stuck out, besides the fact that some of my friends are terrible at the game, and that was wow, this is hard.

It's probably the hardest of the Zombies series as after a while it leaves the player asking the ridiculous question of which way is up as its sky-scraper design confuses with its twists and turns. It also features unreliable elevators, items you have to build and no brilliant spots, forcing you to shoot on the run, often forcing teams of players to split up leading to their demise. (My top round is currently an average 14.)

Turned is a Zombies game mode and is intended as a bit of fun as the only aim is to take control of an undead and 'turn' your human friend.

Overall the first map pack to come out for Black Ops 2 is decent, with a wealth of content, it's just not quite a Revolution.


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