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Dark Souls 2 announced at this year's Video Game Awards

From Software is set to once again make gamers despair as they try to cling to their humanity in Dark Souls 2.

However Souls fans Hidetaka Miyazaki will "no longer be leading the game's development", and instead it will be taken over by Tomohiro Shibuya. For hardcore fans this isn't great news as the former director created a deep, puzzle-like world in which gamers had to think and interpret for themselves whilst obviously dying one way or another. This doesn't mean DS2 won't have that, but in a recent interview Shibuya said that Dark Souls 2 "will be more straightforward and more understandable", and this can be viewed in a variety of ways, though I hope it's new direction doesn't result in a loss of it's current identity.  

The trailer though does suggest that fans of the previous titles are sure to get their fill of demons and dragons lurking in unforgiving environments, plus the hundreds of deaths that I know we're all looking forw…