2013/14 Game Releases

These are my top 5 most anticipated releases for 2013/14

  1. Dark Souls II
  2. Call of Duty: Ghosts
  3. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  4. Fallout 4
  5. Watch Dogs

1. Dark Souls II 

If I'm honest this is probably the game I'm most pumped for, Dark Souls was a ton of fun and frustration to play and this year/next years sequel, Dark Souls 2 should be an epic addition to the series. (See Dark Souls returns for more info.)

Dark Souls 2 gameplay IGN reveal:


James on: Games - Dark Souls returns:


2. Call of Duty: Ghosts 

The announcement of Call Of Duty: Ghosts is exciting to say the least. I get the new Call of Duty (COD) every year and for me Black Ops 2 brought with it a sense of freshness, note there is no MW4. The 10th game in the series will be developed by Infinity Ward for a November 5th release. There have also been rumours of a new Call of Duty Engine from Activision for the new game. 

3. MGS5 

Metal Gear Solid V has been announced. From the trailer and short game-play clip I've seen it looks great, albeit quite confusing, but as is the nature of Hideo Kojima's stealthy game series. The game will be set before the events in MGS4 and MGR (obviously), will run on the new FOX Engine and will be 'open world'

(Character: Snake/Big Boss)

4. Fallout 4

One of my favourite game series' is back. There is little-to-no content released on the game yet but we do know that it will be following the classic Fallout style and will feature the iconic 'wasteland'. The game is rumored to be set in Boston, Massachusetts.

5. Watch Dogs 

This game is sort of 50/50 for me to buy as I don't know much about it, although the graphics and gameplay look visually superior to most action games. The way tech is used to hack phones, traffic lights and listen in on conversations is a great way to stealthily locate a target.

Watch Dogs E3:


What game are you most looking forward to? Comment below!


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